Collaborate with artists & producers around the world.

Cyphr is a platform that enables music creators to collaborate virtually with other creators around the world. Members can record, compose, arrange, and mix together in real time and in the DAWs of their choice.

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A virtual collaboration suite created with the producer in mind.

Discover Vetted Talent

Listen to completed tracks and work samples uploaded by artists to find the perfect vocals for your style. Work exclusively with top-tier talent and watch your royalties skyrocket.

Host Group Sessions

Host large-group virtual studio sessions for group auditions or projects with multiple collaborators. Invite fans into your virtual sessions to interact with them in brand new ways.

Create Collaboratively

Work and communicate with collaborators in real time, all within your DAW of choice. Changes in your mix can be refreshed instantly and recordings can be done live within the plug-in or the browser-based app.

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